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Girls Rock Dallas

Girls Rock DallasGirls Rock Dallas provides a week-long summer day camp to girls, ages 8-17. Qualified volunteers will instruct campers in guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocals. The campers will form bands and learn how to write original songs together to perform live at a music venue in Dallas for the camp’s showcase. The girls will also have the opportunity to attend a variety of life-skill and technical workshops.

Girls Rock Dallas

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Chris Ryan (Vice Chairman SAMF), Girls Rock Dallas reps., and Mary Larke Pewitt Godfrey (Chairman SAMF).




Rock Me in Dallas

Rock Me in Dallas in TXOn June 3rd, 2012, the Sean Ashford Music Fund made a donation to the rock music education foundation "Rock Me". Rock Me has just put together a deal to provide music instruments and teachers to kids(and parents) at the Dallas Ronald McDonald House. We at the SAMF believe in what Dave Ireland and the staff at Rock Me is doing to allow kids the chance to learn to play music and will continue to work closely with Rock Me on future endeavors.

Rock Me Dallas

To learn more about the great work that Rock Me is doing, check out their website »

Mary Larke Pewitt Godfrey (Chairman SAMF), Rock Me representative David Ireland, and Chris Ryan (Vice Chairman SAMF).


Anthropos Arts in Austin

Anthropos Arts in Austin, TXOn January 10th, 2013, the Sean Ashford Music Fund presenting a check to Anthropos Arts in Austin. Anthropos Arts works to give at risk kids in Austin a chance to learn music. This was the first of many donations that will be made by the Sean Ashford Music Fund to organizations that help young people have access to instruments, teachers, and venues to hone their craft.

Anthropos Arts in Austin

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Mary Larke Pewitt Godfrey (Chairman SAMF), Anthropos Arts representative Aaron Day, and Chris Ryan (Vice Chairman SAMF).

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